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    3 Weird Things People Do in Their Sleep

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Check out 3 weird things people do in their sleep.

    While a giraffe gets by on 1.9 hours of sleep with no negative effects, people need anywhere from 5-11 hours of deep sleep for good physical and mental health. Yet, more people are waking up exhausted.

    According to the BBC, sleep clinics across the UK are seeing a growing trend in parasomnias, or involuntary behaviors people do while sleeping.

    Here are 3 such bizarre behaviors:

    Number 3 - Go to bed hungry? People find evidence that they ate several times while asleep or even cooked a full meal. Not sleeping, gaining weight, and choking are all serious concerns.

    Number 2- Sleep with a cell phone nearby? With modern life’s fast pace and dependence on technology, texting nonsense to random people has actually become more common. People simply repeat activities done throughout the day.

    Number 1 - Overweight? Obesity can lead to Obstructive Sleep Apnea where people actually stop breathing. One test subject, 47 years old, stopped breathing for up to 26 seconds each time and awoke up to 50 times per hour without realizing it. For some people, it’s 80 times per hour.

    Parasomnias may relate to some stress that occurs during the day. Control responses to stress when awake, and you may just sleep better too.