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Lady Gaga's first "ARTPOP" single "Applause" leaks online and Mother Monster is not happy about it. Happy Monday Little Monsters welcome back to ClevverMusic, with all your Gaga news. Sadly, Katy Perry wasn't the only pop star to suffer an online leak this weekend with her new song "Roar". Lady Gaga's upcoming song "Applause" saw a low quality twenty second leak hit the web. We're not totally sure the leak is legit or who did the leakage, but we hope it's the real thing cause it's phenomenal! But let's clarify: we do not support leaked tunes, we are just reporting what happened. As for the electronic pop song, if this is correct the the chorus lyrics sing, "Pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture in me/ I live for the applause, applause, applause/ I live for the applause plause". To us, these do sound like Gaga lyrics and could potentially be the real thing. Regardless if it is or not, Mother Monster is not happy about it and if she's unhappy we are too. Gaga went on a Twitter rant bashing online hackers, first tweeting, "Lord, in HEAVEN WHY" and then "YOU JUST COULDN'T WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE SATURDAY". She then reported that her haus team was on the case working to remove the leak, and Little Monsters decided to help out too. Fans started providing links to a portal setup by Gaga's label Universal Music, to report sites hosting the leaked track. And apparently over 500 links have already been reported, talk about loyal fans. And yes, even though they reported the leak they probably listened to it before reporting right? I mean, any monster would want a little taste of the new music, right? And rumor has it she'll be releasing the song today, due to this online leak. Paws crossed! Tell us what you think of the leak, totally awesome that it happened... or tragic? Little Monsters if you aren't following us on Twitter yet be sure to follow @ClevverMusic, I'm Misty Monster see you soon with more pop music news!