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It seems Mother Monster had no choice! Lady Gaga releases first ARTPOP single "Applause" one week early! Happy Monday Little Monsters! Welcome back to your music news source ClevverMusic. It seems today, August 12, is a day that will now go down in pop music history. And I'm so giddy about it! We've been dancing around the office this morning when we heard the news that Gaga would be shocking us releasing new single "Applause" today, exactly one week early. Yes today is also the day Katy Perry released her new "Prism" single "Roar" so August 12 is like one epic pop music celebration. And to be fair Gaga had no choice but release her song today, she tweeted this morning, "DUE TO HACKERS AN ADUNDANCE OF LOW/HIGH QUALITY LEAKS... WE ISSUE THIS POP MUSIC EMERGENCY". Followed by this shocking news, "MY NEW SINGLE 'APPLAUSE' IS OUT TODAY AND CAN BE HEARD ON UNITED STATED RADIO IN 15 MINUTES". Freaking out. "So what's the new "Applause" track like?! Well, it's poppy, edgy, and electronic as promised, featuring an 80's vibe with synths and a thumping beat. The song is far from subtle and catchy as hell. Our favorite lyrics are actually the first lines of the song which are, "I stand here waiting for you to band the gong/ To crash the critic saying, 'is it right or is it wrong?"/ If only fame had an IV, baby could I bear/ Being away from you, I found the vein, put it in here". It seems the track is a kiss-off to the hater, go girl. The song will be available on iTunes later tonight, and is already being heard on radio stations around the country. Interestingly, many are bleeping out the word "koons" thinking it is actually a crude lady party word. Gaga tweeted to correct the mistake, "I CAN'T BELIVE THEY BLEEPING OUT KOONS THEY THINK IM SAYING THE C WORD". We're pretty sure she is referring to the famous artist Koons, here you guys. And I know a lot of you are wondering what I think of the song, don't fret, I love it! I'll give you my honest opinion: joy. I'm so excited for this explosive song that I think is super catchy. I will say it's not as out there crazy as I was expecting though, but I'll wait for 'ARTPOP' for more experimental tracks. Little Monsters but your thoughts on the song below! Paws up and make them touch let's applaud "Applause". Thank you for watching Clevvermusic every single day. I'm Misty Monster your Gaga news friend, see you soon.