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    Sunny Leone Beats Katrina Kaif & Deepika Padukone Online

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    by Bollywood Live

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    It's an achievement if one creates a most searched space on Google search engine, especially for the public figures! Well, having several Bollywood superstars be it Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan or Katrina Kaif, its Sunny Leone as the most preferred star for our audience! Reportedly, according to Google statistics, the most-searched celebrity is none other than Canadian porn star and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone. Going with the news, the figures for the month of June depicts that Sunny Leone's name has been searched for a staggering 3.50 crore times surpassing all the other bollywood stars in B-town! Meanwhile, Salman Khan is the only male celebrity in the top five most-searched names whereas King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan surprisingly, doesn't feature in the top 10 celebs. Seems like Sunny is creating a huge space in B-town!