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    Australian election rivals face off in debate

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    I am a real life citizen of Australia. I have given you my particulars. My open letter to the Prime Minister and all Political Leaders is an honest, sincere cry for justice and honesty. You have deleted it as spam. Why? This is what I said:
    Open letter to the Prime Minister of Australia and the Leaders of all Political Parties:

    My dear friends and fellow citizens of one of the most beautiful countries in the world, I feel entitled to see expressed by all politicians, honesty, integrity, sincerity, real concern for every human being. I would like to see that all politicians treat all citizens and other members of the community with utmost respect and acknowledgment that we are intelligent, willing to cooperate and be fruitful in all our endeavors to experience happiness, harmony, peace, progress and love towards our fellow man (and woman) regardless of political persuasion, religion, sexual orientation, or any other discriminatory tag that society likes to peg on individuals.

    Demands: (what many will consider UTOPIA because they don't have the guts to implement it)

    1)When you talk, make sure you give us the impression that you are offering the best of your ability to do what is necessary to run the country, never putting down the opponents and people who disagree with your views, but always emphasizing the good qualities that you have, which must include love to your fellow man (and woman). If you have nothing good to say about your opponents, say nothing, but insist on your good points. Politicians who have plenty of good to offer do not have time to criticize others. Why? Because there is no time to waste but to work hard in doing the job of governing Australia. Stop bringing back bad things about your opponents, think instead of all the good things you do.
    2)When asked question by the media or any individual in the public domain, answer the question directly, clearly and precisely so we can all understand. (Not excuses like: 'I will get to the point but first I must... etc, etc,'). I have noticed many times that the same trend is always follow, beat around the bush and forcing the questioner to repeat the question over and over again. The public cannot tolerate this any longer. Be the man or woman you are supposed to be.
    3)Australia must show solidarity towards refugees, they are our brothers and sisters, they are fellow human beings, they all deserve dignity and respect, they do not escape their countries for fun, they need help, tend that hand and give them the glass of cold water without thinking about the consequences.
    The amount of refugees is increasing all over the World. Increase the amount of refugees taken at least threefold. (this is the only way to stop the boats and getting rid of those that take advantage of their predicament). Be an example to other countries. Show that AUSTRALIA loves, never hates.
    4)Make us feel that we can trust you and support you, not due to personality or party strength but because you like to do the right thing according to your sense of propriety and dedication to improve the nation as a whole, not only your party members and those who vote for you. This is called integrity, and an honest desire to serve as a genuine statesman, leader and visionary. You will find that this alone will give you more votes. (food for thought)
    5)Finally, We, the voters, will vote for the candidates that show real love, compassion, strength, dedication to the basic human rights of all.
    (Noticed that I did not mention the economy? = Our economy is healthy always, the World knows!


    Thanks for reading these honest and simple remarks,

    Carlos A. González
    A concerned citizen
    By dm_520c5e7be4f092 years ago