Poko x Tate - Orgasm wars: AV actor Sawai VS Takuya

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In this episode of Japanese comedy show Poko x Tate, AV (adult video) actor Sawai Ryo battles it out with Shinjuku's District 2 (Tokyo's infamous gay area) bar owner Takuya.

Sawai claims he has so much "climax control" that no one can make him come if he doesn't want to. Takuya however claims he has never not been able to make another man come. Who will win this epic battle?

Japanese title: 絶対にイカない男VS絶対にイカせる男 (zettai ni ikanai otoko vs zettai ni ikaseru otoko


Poko x Tate - Orgasm wars
wtf japan
Is this real?
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