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    Social Media Helps Reunite Stolen Puppy With Owner

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    Social media played a key role in helping Mica Chenault get her St. Bernard puppy back. The puppy named Kura was stolen out of her car 1 week ago in a Home Depot parking lot in Milwaukee.

    Losing a pet can be just as devastating as losing as a family member.

    Mica Chenault has to thank social media for help in getting her St. Bernard puppy back. Kura was stolen from Chenault’s car in a Milwaukee Home Depot parking lot. Chenault had locked the car doors and left the windows cracked open while running an errand.

    When Chenault returned to the car, the previously locked door was open and the puppy was gone. Immediately, she filed a police report. She also posted flyers and took to social media sites to ask for help in locating the dog.

    The thief most likely released Kura when the incident started getting a lot of attention on social and news media. A family found Kura wandering around and called Chenault after seeing Facebook posts.

    Chenault rewarded the family and said, “It was such a good feeling to know that there [are] good strangers out there who are still willing to do the right thing.”

    Sadly, there are also bad people out there looking to make an already painful situation worse.

    Besides being congratulated, Chenault has been criticized for leaving Kura in the car. Wisconsin allows this, but 14 states do not. Chenault defended herself saying vets and humane societies agree that what she did was no different than leaving a dog in a kennel for five hours.