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    20_000 Candles at the Nara “Tokae” Festival!


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    Nara Toka-e is an annual summer night event in Nara Park amongst World Heritage Sites. Countless number of candles light the Nara Park, creating a beautiful and fantastic atmosphere. Tens of thousands of candles are lit up in the land of ancient Nara, the capital of Japan 1300 years ago. TO-KA is a lump of flower shape on the top of a candlewick after lighting a candle. It is said to bring good fortune.
    From Nara Park, Sarusawa pond, Gojunidan area, Ukimido and Sagi pond, Asajigahara area, Ukigumoenchi area, Nara National Museum area, and Kofukuji temple area, about 20.000 candles are lit up, creating a romantic atmosphere.
    Many festival goers are wearing the traditional yukatta, couples young and old holding hands and strolling through the different venues.