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    Prodigy - Voodoo People [C.B. Remix]

    Club Love

    by Club Love

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    Voodoo People was the ninth single released by the British electronica/rave act The Prodigy in August 1994. It was the third single from the album Music For the Jilted Generation. It was released as a 12" single and a EP in the United States through Mute Records.

    In the British release, there was a remix by the The Chemical Brothers who at that time called themselves "The Dust Brothers" in honor of an American producer duo of the same name. When Voodoo People was to be released in the States, and due to the European Dust Brothers' rising popularity, the American Dust Brothers threatened a lawsuit if they didn't change their name. They changed their name to "The Chemical Brothers", and the remix on the American Mute release was renamed in accordance. A small sample in the remix was also reversed on the American release due to copyright issues.