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    Lady Gaga treats us to new "Applause" song lyrics and photo from the music video set! Here's your weekly dose of What's Up With Gaga, right here on ClevverMusic. Welcome back, Misty Monster is back. As Gaga's first "ARTPOP" Single "Applause" nears release, Gaga has been teasing us with more and more details of the new song. Last night she tweeted some new, shall we say "nerdy", "Applause" song lyrics that sing, "I overheard your theory/ 'nostalgias for geeks!'/ I guess sir, if you say so/ some of us just like to read". We're with Gaga here: nostalgia is not just for geeks! We'll reminisce with you any day Gaga. And just a few tweets later Mother Monster expressed her excitement for the "Applause" music video, sharing a black and white photo sandwiched in between the video directors, and showing off some new short blonde hair! The photo caption reads, "I can't wait for you to see the 'Applause' video, directed by my darling friends INEZ & VINOODH". So it seems August 19th can't come soon enough. And Gaga agrees tweeting that if she had to go another month without playing the new music she would chew her arm off. And then we received a new promo photo, showing such arm. It's another beautiful shot of Mother Monster but much happier than the previous arm photo- phew. Then today on Twitter Gaga gave us some ARTPOP guidelines! She tweeted, "oh, & just a suggestion... use HEADPHONES when listening to the new music, ARTPOP is ELECTRIC CANDY & DELISH ON THE EARS." So it seems she doesn't want this electric candy shared with other ears when you're listening. And Gaga will cry if you disobey her. In the very next tweet she revealed the albums producers saying, "The album ARTPOP was produced by the amazing ----- @DJWS @ZEDD @Madeon @LadyGaga. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US CRY AND LISTEN WITHOUT HEADPHONES." No, we wouldn't want to do that! And to recap other Monster news this week, a tutorial video for Marina Abromovic's 'Abromovic Method' was revealed yesterday featuring her pal Lady Gaga. The video sees Mother Monster in various poses in the wilderness, including some nude scenes, where she sings a long "A" note. The clip has not shockingly caught the Internet's attention and has everyone buzzing. Buzz over to our @ClevverMusic Twitter if you haven't already done so and follow us for more Gaga goodness! That's it for this installment of What's Up With Gaga? Tell us if we missed any important Gaga news this week and what you think of this new headphones rule? I'm Misty Monster see you next Friday with another episode.