United Kingdom Talk LIVE Friday 8th August 2013

Chris Reardon
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Chris Reardon's Talk Show.
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This show is recorded "LIVE" on Friday's. You can join in on Friday's
at 10.30am BST (UK Time) by skype "chrisreardon" or telephone (London
number) 020 8133 6358 by watching at http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisReardonUK/live

What's it like in a coffin ?
Do you stay for the whole show ? Richard, Marj & Ian does.
Don't leave things "on".
My sisters birthday - but what to get ?
I can't get out.
Aldi razors quite good.
Shaun's Land Rover.
Miserable waiter.
Things being wasted.
Football ? No thanks.
Charlie is 3!
Ripped off for Epsom ink cartridges.
Can you change a wheel ?
No tip.
The British sense of humour.
Should empty shops be converted into homes ?
One click ordering.
Rick's having a bad time.
Voice mail from Ian & Ross.
So expensive to run.
A box with no windows.
Badly laid road surfaces.
A bowl of soup.
2 different experiences at the "Toby" carveries.
In the back of the uncomfortable car.
Afternoon tea.
David & Angel on the phone.
LED street lights.