Miley Cyrus - We Cant Stop PARODY

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"We Can't Stop" PARODY

Thanks to TOTALLY SKETCH for directing
heres the info on how to see SMILEY
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"We Can't Stop" PARODY DP: Eric Lombart
Costumes: Helena Falangus
Make up and Hair: Samantha Ward
Art Assistant: Wade Morrison
PAs: Nick Foiles, Caitlin Randolph

"We Can't Stop" PARODY Cast:
Miley: Kristin Findley

"We Can't Stop" PARODY Twerk Girls:
Kashuna Perfected
Tiffany Tynes
Sherry Edwards

Billy Ray Cyrus: Bart Barker

Miley's Mom and finger cutting girl: Lauren Schnipper

"We Can't Stop" PARODY White Girls:
Debbie Diesel
Alexis Codding
Caitlin Rudolph

"We Can't Stop" PARODY Black Dudes:
Chaz Curtis
Michael Wilson, Jr
Eric Clayton

"We Can't Stop" PARODY Hot Latino Guy: Dhruv Bali

"We Can't Stop" PARODY Intervention Counselor:
Jason Horton

"We Can't Stop" PARODY TV Girls: McKenna Levasseur-Tripp, Angela Ryan
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Nailed it lol xD
Par Ahmed Dar l'année dernière