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    First Twitter Hotel Concept

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    A hotel located on in Majorca, Spain has decided to utilize Twitter to lure in customers and make visits more exciting.

    Twitter is being used in innovative ways around the world.

    A hotel located in Majorca, Spain is using Twitter to lure in customers and make their visits more exciting. The Sol Wave House is now offering Twitter-themed rooms and cocktails.

    There is also an option for guests to flirt over the web and meet in person at the hotel by using hashtags. The establishment is being referred to as the “first Twitter Hotel”.

    The structure has a Twitter Party Suite, which can accommodate up to four people. A complimentary bottle of champagne is thrown in with the suite. No calls to room service are needed, as guests only need to use hashtags for any requests.

    All of the festivities are centered around a Twitter community. Called #SocialWave, guests are able to speak with other visitors, flirt and arrange meetings.

    This community can only be accessed via the hotel’s WiFi network.

    The hotel hopes to allow guests to virtually order food and beverages so an individual will be able to send a drink via Twitter for someone who catches their eye in the near future.