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    Apple vs China: Cook offers cheap chargers in attempt to counter smear campaign

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    The Apple iPhone electric shock scandal ... suspicious much?: Apple's image troubles in China, from its warranty policies to concerns over product safety, have caused it to take the unprecedented step of offering heavily discounted genuine chargers to win over Chinese customers after fake chargers were linked to electrocutions.

    Just as the US, British and Australian governments all identified the Chinese electronics and networking equipment maker Huawei as a possible security risk, China's state TV and press have lined up to wage a smear campaign against Apple, and have scare customers to build support for domestic phone brands including Huawei, ZTE and Xiaomi.

    In response, Apple has tried to appease customers in its second biggest market first with with apologies for perceived poor customer service and now cheap chargers to mitigate the harm from the rumoured and unverified cases of electrocution, even though their products have not been found to be responsible.

    But Apple's name has already been tarnished by false reports and deliberate misinformation. The Chinese government seems intent on getting people to use local brands as it transitions its economy to one based on domestic consumption and take its companies worldwide.

    Do you think China is treating Apple fairly? Let us know your thoughts.

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