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    YouTube Ranks Top Superheroes


    by ClevverMovies

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    When it comes to most popular, it's pretty hard to determine which superhero takes the top prize. But if YouTube searches, views, and uploads are any indicator, we've got a pretty good look at the top 10. Holy view count, Batman! According to YouTube, The Dark Knight has a special place in our hearts, as he's the most popular superhero with 3 billion views and 71,000 hours of video. Surprisingly, Thor squeezed out a second place victory over Superman, with 66,000 hours of video. Way more than the Man of Steel's 14,000 hours, which put Supes at number three. Fourth place goes to Iron Man, who overall had less views, but racked up 6,000 more hours of video than Superman. Smashing in at number five, we have The Avengers, which isn't really fair considering it's not just one hero, but rather a whole Marvel dream team...and at number six we have Wolverine, the only A-list X-Men mutant to make the entire top 10. Spider-Man may be king of the web, just maybe the wrong kind, as he only ranks at number 7. The race for spots 8 and 9 were tight, but Captain America bested Justice League with 280-million views vs 220-million views. And coming in dead last, is one of my all-time favorites, Deadpool with 200-million views. He may be number 10 on the list, but he'll always be number 1 in my heart. And who knows, maybe his placement in the top 10 will help get him that long-awaited solo film, or possibly a spot in the X-Force movie line up? So what do you think of these rankings, and where did your favorite fall on the list? You know what to do in the comments. I'm Erin Darling, and you're watching Clevver Movies.