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    Beyoncé takes the scenic route: biking to her last show in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center! Welcome back to your music news source Clevvermusic! Beyoncé is just like us, right guys? Baddie Bey posted a photo on her Instagram yesterday that has everyone talking. Apparently Mrs. Carter biked her way across the Brooklyn bridge in NYC to her last concert stop on August 5 at the Barclays Center this week. Bey pedaled her 10 speed right past all those tourists who no doubt thought to themselves "Queen Bey?" Yup. She shared this artistic Instagram collage proving her adventure was real. The caption reads, "I biked to Barclays for my last show in Brooklyn!" It seems the 17-time Grammy winner just wanted some sun rays and fresh air before her show. Uh where is her helmet? Oh, probably didn't fit over her crown. And where do we think she got this idea from? Remember when hubby Jay Z rode the subway to his final show last year? And Jay joined her on stage at the show for an impromptu performance of his track "Tom Ford". Yeah totally: the Carter's are just like us. Beyoncé recently posted on her Tumblr this pic of her in a Batman mask shopping at Target and recently picking up some junk food at a convenience store. Seems Blue Ivy has brought out the kid in Beyoncé. We wanna know from you watchers if you like 31-year-old Beyonce coming down to earth proving she's human? Or would you rather keep her on a pedestal? I'm Misty Kingma your music host here at ClevverMusic! Be sure to follow us @ClevverMusic on Twitter for more where this came from, peace out.