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    We Were Still Able To Make It Anyway(LOL)

    Feezy Dee

    by Feezy Dee

    I'm Back Home, It's like I was given a welcome mat, on the way my peoples give me the''Welcome Back'' LOL! Feezy's Home, Feezy's Back Home, Feezy's Back Home, Yay-EE-Yay-Ay-Ay-Yay(LOL) Feezy's Home Greatness Awaits My Peoples and I-$$$$-Hafdav3000@Facebook, Google, Dailymotion, AOL+ Youtube. Thanks to The Creator, My Peoples + My New Fam-I have to say Much Love, Blessings, and Much More Money + Protection./ She's my angel and I got bigger money, and a-lot of Affection/ So Many $$$$ I think I have to make another collection/ LOL!/ The Heck with the I-R-S-/ Unless,/ We R Getting Paid Back From Past Taxes Such as An Income Check,/ Yes/ ''It's In!''/ (LOL) Forget All of these snobby rappers rapping that you are mad that you aren't fresher than him/ Huh/ I am Some-body!(LOL) Never-mind haters talking behind our back or under our noses, They R Just Mad That We R Fresher Than Him/ I am girl-getting, who cares about his black-card/ Single-Ladies 3 wouldn't cast me but I still will get a better acting part/ (LOL) I am going to have more ''Hot-'Jamz'' that take up half of the Billboard Charts./ More Jams Than An Over-sized Smucker Jar/ Those evil type ladies were wrong, Yet I recovered+discovered better females with bigger figures-rounder backyards./ More treasures+heavenly pleasures/ I am going to be 1 of most memorable, and greatest creative artist-EVER!/
    Hafdav3000@Facebook, Google, Twitter+Youtube-Peace Fam!-$$$-Fee-Z!