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    Jenna Dead? Jaria Heating Up & Mona's Back in Radley - Pretty Little Liars 4x09 Recap


    by ClevverTV

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    Is it murder again on Pretty Little Liars?! Um, well, we are definitely left wondering after watching Into The Deep -- the episode that's described as this: A unleashes a shocking act after Paige plans a surprise party for Emily. We will get to that shocking act in just a bit. Starting off this recap, it looks like Aria and Jake are kinda dating, until he shows up at the party -- not knowing that Aria is going to be there -- and he's with another gal. WTF. They do wind up getting on their mack after the night's drama is over. Things aren't looking as great for Ezra because when Maggie decides that she's going to take a job in Seattle and move Malcolm out there, Ezra is ready to battle... but it might not be so easy because Maggie didn't even put Ezra's name as the father on the birth certificate. As far as the surprise party goes -- it's not all rainbows and cupcakes for the birthday girl. She walks in very upset with Paige -- since Paige didn't reveal to "the best swimming coach in the world" that Emily is injured... and she basically just got shot down for training. It seems like police are taking Mona's murder admission pretty seriously, but the PLLers are nervous that maybe she's going to say that they bullied her into confessing. Hanna's mom gets released after an anonymous person puts down 10-percent of the 1-million-dollar bail -- who everyone assumes was her dad -- but we figure out that it was actually Pastor Ted. He seems so awesome -- he brings pie to Hanna's mom and they have a pie date -- and it looks like there might be more dates to be had. Bringing it back to the party, the PLLers get Shauna to bring Jenna -- it's a must after they overhear Jenna say that she should have told the police about Alison. What what?! At the party Emily and Paige cry about how they just realized they won't be together next year at college... and then later, Aria and Emily go looking for Jenna -- who disappeared -- and after running into Jake, they find Jenna floating lifelessly in the lake. The gals think that someone hit Jenna because there was blood on the back of her head. Spencer demands that Shauna tell her who did this and finally Shauna reveals that Jenna is scared of -- get this -- Cece Drake. Cut to -- Mona is back in Radley, in room 217, and she seems comfortable in her old stomping ground. You can even see the words "will the circle be unbroken?" scratched into the desk. The we see the hooded red jacket gal - with long blonde curls -- breaking into the crawl area of the DiLaurentis house. Meanwhile a black gloved hooded person starts playing the piano beautifully before putting the sheet music to a song called "Any Time" with a note into an envelope for Toby. And that is the end of this episode. What was the most shocking moment for you? I think that even know I knew it was Jenna floating in the lake, I was still surprised to find out for the second time that it was her instead of Spencer. Alright, subscribe to ClevverTV right now for all of your Pretty Little Liars recaps, news and interviews. I'm Dana Ward -- thanks for tuning in, bye!

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