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    Radio Silence - Official Trailer

    Mat Johns

    by Mat Johns

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    Zero Facility Films and Chris Lane Productions present RADIO SILENCE, a short film by Mat Johns.

    Set in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the film stars up and coming actress, Tracey Sheals, as well as a cameo by Neil Bell (Dead Man’s Shoes, 24 Hour Party People), and was shot over eight days around Manchester and Salford.

    If you enjoy the trailer please support the film by ‘liking’ us on and by following the film on Twitter @RadioSilenceUK.

    Plot outline:

    In a not-too-distant future, the world has fallen apart. An endless torrent of the undead now roam the streets in search of living flesh. Are there any survivors? We only know of one – Elaine Barrett. She has barricaded herself in her home, where she once lived with a husband and daughter.

    Months after this cataclysmic event changed the world forever, she struggles to find a voice in the silence using an old CB radio. Her days are rigorously structured to maintain some semblance of normalcy – wake up at 6am, exercise, clean, eat, monitor the radio, sleep, repeat. She broadcasts for one hour per day and listens for five, all in the hope of contacting someone… anyone.