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    Lifestyle Expert Evette Rios Offers Quick and Easy Summer Entertaining Tips

    News Infusion

    by News Infusion

    Everyone enjoys firing up the grill, getting some sun and drifting away on beautiful summer days. But when the sun goes down and the temperature gets a little cooler there an energy that builds in the air. An energy that makes you want to have a good time with your friends and family and enjoy those beautiful summer nights.

    You may have the guests and the weather but you still need the right refreshments to throw a good summer party. Since the weather is warmed and you feel more relaxed, your drinks, snacks and treats have to match your ambiance to create the perfect party environment.

    Lifestyle expert and contributor to “The Chew” Evette Ríos shares her entertaining tips to make sure your mid summer nights party will stay hot all night long:

    Summer is all about the great outdoors so I like to host parties outside-on a roof top, deck, patio, pool, park, anywhere you can enjoy those beautiful summer nights with your friends. You want to make sure you set the mood with candles or tea lights, freshly cut flowers or plants, and of course music that makes you think of summer like the Beach Boys or even sounds of crashing waves.