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    Cash Back Betting - Never lose money on a bet - Win everytime


    by puttepop66

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    Do you want money back on all losing bets? This is 100% Guaranteed!
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    his is a pretty bold statement, right?

    Well it's TRUE!

    I can 100% GUARANTEE your money back on ANY losing bets that you have!

    I have found an unbelievable loop hole that allows me to place bets and never worry about losing
    because I can instantly get this money back and it's totally LEGAL.

    Hi, my name is Dale Thomas and here I am going to reveal the secret in to never being
    out of pocket in online gambling ever again... whether it is horse racing, dogs, football or gaming.

    As I'm sure you are aware, there is no such thing as a dead cert…Losing is part of gambling and
    that's just the way it is, but what if I told you that even if you do lose you still WIN!

    This is NOT some obscene claim that I cannot FULLY back up and
    this does not involve laying bets.

    I have been a keen gamer from a young age and have never stopped looking in to
    how to maximise my profits and minimise my losses.

    I have searched the internet, bought all the books and software's, even personally contacted
    professional gamblers, just trying to get an edge on the gaming industry... having no luck with any.

    Then early this year, 2013, I finally found the secret... and the source it came from
    had nothing to do with betting.

    In January I went on holiday to Las Vegas...

    Please bear with me, I promise I'll keep this brief...

    There I did the usual Vegas things...played poker and went out a lot.

    One night I went to a few local bars and got chatting to some American guys.
    I asked all the usual questions, what's your name? Where you from? How long are you here for?...
    and then came the question that revealed the secret... What do you do?

    He told me that he was an internet marketer and he was here on business
    to attend an annual summit held at the Paris Las Vegas hotel.

    I asked him what an internet marketer does and he told me in great detail as we played pool
    and drank beer and him being an American he loved to talk.

    I then asked him if there's a way in which I could use his marketing techniques within my gaming.

    What he told me made my eyes light up!

    He said that I can receive money back on ANY losing bets that I have and
    all the big pros are doing it!

    As the night went on and more and more drinks were consumed I didn't want to forget what he was
    telling me so he kindly sent me an email containing all the information I needed via his iPhone.

    The next day I had a banging headache and the worst hangover you could imagine, but
    all this was worth it...

    As soon as I returned from Vegas I opened my laptop and followed the instructions.
    It literally took 20 minutes to get up and running.

    All you need is a computer.
    Access to the internet.
    And my simple to follow step by step instructions.
    No complicated software's.
    No genius computer skills needed.
    And No specific betting account is required.