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    Pokémon and Kirby fanfic promotion - HEY, EVERYBODY! SHOTS!

    Papyrus Blood

    by Papyrus Blood

    (Recorded on my new (old, hand-me-down) laptop. Sorry for the shitty audio.)

    ONE YEAR LATER! I'm back, fan fiction! And, I brought Kirby and Pokémon! Both anime-verse, but you know how I am.

    The Kirby fanfic is HETERO! The Pokémon fanfics are HOMO! All soft-core and G rated (compared to my previous writing). Get out your shot glasses for the ONE SHOTS!

    I'm just in the mood for one shots, so far. Maybe I'll get into longer things later, but right now one shots are doing it for me. I wanted to wait until I had more fics out to promote them, but one of my recent fics is lacking attention, and it bothered me to the point of pushing the stories now!

    Warning to my Pokémon fanfics: I write as closely to earlier Pokémon as I can remember, including how I write Ash. In my mind Ash isn't still 10 after 16 years. Ash is age ambiguous to me.

    Warning to my Kirby fanfics: I write in anime-verse to the Japanese version, not the 4Kids version. I write Fumu and her family, if not everyone, with more human/ Earthling-like bodies. So far, I've kept the puffballs as puffballs, however.

    You have the join the group to see the fanfics on LJ.
    Be aware LJ updates from newest to oldest, so adjust whatever settings needed to read it properly.


    Tell Me the Time
    Kirby! Hetero - Fumu and Meta!
    Slightly OOC Meta. Emotionally themed. Cute, cheeky romance. The shortest of the shots!
    This isn't a continuation or sequel! It's post-Nightmare battle, and time skip to put more age and maturity on Fumu.

    The Words He Says
    Pokémon! Homo - Ash and Cilan!
    I feel like I wrote Cilan very well! I'm very proud of myself! NAILED IT!
    Emotional; Romance
    This is my SEQUEL (not continuation) to The Words They Say by Sara Jaye on

    Sage is to Cilan
    Pokémon! Homo - Ash and Cilan! Pansage/ Simisage and Pikachu!
    Briefly OOC Cilan, Pokémon - human violence.
    LONG one shot! For those of you who are into that sort of things! *wink wink nudge nudge*
    Short but graphic violence, light blood and blood play, romantic content, and light sexual content. You know all the good stuff! But, still lighter than the older stuff.


    Here's the first promo with more details about these fics!

    Currently working on:

    Kirby continuation - Help Me Help You
    More info when it's out.
    My writings and arts are protected by my country's freedom of speech and expression. If you don't like it, go fuck your respective self.