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    Mermaid Swimming Academy Offers Classes for Aspiring Mermaids

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    There is now a school that caters to the mermaid loving crowd. The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila offers lessons for inspiring mermaids.

    We've all heard stories about mermaids and many of us fantasize swimming just like them.

    Now, The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila offers lessons to those who aspire to be mermaids.

    Students pay approximately $40 for the 2-hour long course, which includes a mono-tail and instruction from professional swimmers and scuba divers. As part of the two hour class, students are introduced to the life of mermaids.

    They are also taught how to wear and care for the mermaid tail and how to swim with the tail and floaters. The floater is later removed to allow students to have the true mermaid experience and the remainder of the course consists of swimming practice and drills before an individual assessment.

    According to the academy’s Facebook page, the goal of the business is to “provide a safe and fun environment to indulge peoples fantasy into the world of Mermaids” and “to conduct workshops to teach future Mermaid instructors to go forth and spread the love for mermaid-ing.”

    What do you think? Would you like to take mermaid lessons?