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    Police Mistake Ambulance Chasing Expectant Father for Drunk Driver

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    When a father-to-be who was chasing his wife’s ambulance failed to stop for police, the officer, who believed he was in pursuit of a drunk driver, disabled the car using road spikes.

    Many people speed for sheer fun but some have to do that due to real emergencies.

    Recently, a man, determined to be with his pregnant wife, chased the ambulance she was in down a San Diego highway, swerving and speeding to keep up with it.

    Believing the father-to-be was a drunk driver, a San Diego police officer flipped the flashing lights and tried to pull the man over. (1,2,1)

    When the man failed to stop, the officer went into chase mode, enlisting the aid of a helicopter, additional road forces, and some tire-disabling road spikes.

    Finally, after the determined dad’s tires were punctured and deflated, he came to a full stop. The policeman instructed him to vacate the vehicle and then detained him at gunpoint.

    When questioned, the speeding man admitted he blatantly ignored the lights and the siren as he wanted to be with his wife when their baby was born.

    Officers confirmed the story with the paramedics, and released him to go be with his family.

    The City Attorney’s Office is reviewing the report and determining if and what charges will be filed.