Car Nearly Disappears into Chinese Sinkhole

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A man driving along a road in Nanning, China barely averted catastrophe when a giant sinkhole opened up on the road before him.

China’s giant sinkhole problem continues, but this time the story has a happy ending.

A man driving along a road in Nanning city barely averted catastrophe when the ground opened up before him.

The front tire of his car stopped just short of the 20 foot by 20 foot hole that suddenly appeared in the middle of the street.

Sinkholes are typically caused when acids in underground water slowly dissolve the limestone bedrock underneath the surface of the ground, leaving a network of holes.

If these depressions are too close to the surface, or grow in size, the top layers can suddenly collapse.

Following the Nanning city incident, one witness confirmed how quickly the abyss formed.

Another commented on how adept the driver was at avoiding falling in, something many others in the country have sadly not been able to do.

It was reported that new tv and phone cables had just been installed beneath the highway.

In China, many of the sinkholes are considered to be the result of their quickly assembled infrastructure.