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    Classic Game Room : DRAGON'S CROWN review


    by ClassicGameRoom

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    Dragon's Crown review. Shop CGR shirts & mugs! Classic Game Room reviews DRAGON'S CROWN from Vanillaware and Atlus, a side scrolling, hack and slash adventure RPG with quick wit and cheeky humor. Prepare to slaughter waves of enemies as a team of battle hardened explorers side scrolls through colorful, painting-like levels filled with treasures and danger! Dragon's Crown is filled with suggestive humor and a stylish art design that makes the game pop off the screen and induce many a giggle (how does the sorceress walk without toppling over??) Fans of games like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage may enjoy the combat style with RPG elements like experience, treasure, magic and weapons to keep adventure fans grinding. Dragon's Crown is like a never-ending side scrolling dungeon crawler filled with color, style and good music. CGR Dragon's Crown video review features Dragon's Crown gameplay in HD from PlayStation 3 (also available for Sony Vita)