Chris Brown Secretly Check Into Jail, Released 45 Minutes Later

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Chris Brown showed up to the Van Nuys jail and checked himself in for his hit-and-run case.

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He had a seizure because of all the stress.....?!? I've suffered with stress practically all my life and never had a seizure from it. I guess anythings possible when you have a lot of $$$ to take care of "your problems"! He cut a deal is what he did. He paid for this to go away, just like so many accused Michael Jackson of doing when he had his problems in the beginning of them. Must be nice to be able to break the law and BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF THE CONSEQUENCES HUH! He should be in jail is where he should be. This young man has YET to learn a lesson from any of his mistakes as far as I'm concerned! I don't know who I'm most sick of hearing about - Chris Brown or Kanye West!
By Karen Pierce 2 years ago