Pras ft..ODB & Mya - G.Superstar


by Supa

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rip odb
By arthur 8 years ago
Thanks for the link. i enjoy with it.
R.I.P ODB :(:(
By EthanCT 9 years ago
She sure does
R.I.P O.D.B :(
By Supa 9 years ago
Yup diggin up the archive right here :P
Glad you enjoy
You can download the original here
By Supa 9 years ago
Heya !!! Thanx for this video !!!! I love this song !!! A bit old but still GOOD !!!!
And Mya looks so gorgeous !!!!!!

Guetto supastar, that is what you are, coming from a far, reaching for the star!!
Run away wit me, to another place, we can rely on each other, from one corner to another YEAh !!

Wow i Know i suck !!
By EthanCT 9 years ago