Kontai-ji A 1300 Year Old Mountain Temple

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Kontai-ji was built 1,300 years ago near the end of the 7th century and rebuilt in the year 722 by Master Taichou. In olden times this temple belonged to the Tendai Sect, though during the period of the Civil Wars it changed to the Shingon Sect, to which it has belonged ever since .It is said that during the Heian Period more than fifty buildings were built here, though most of the temple was destroyed by fire during the wars of the Kamakura Period. In the year 1331, the famous Emperor Godaigo visited this temple for an exorcism as recorded in the Taihei-ki, and it is said because of this that the temple met with arson, though records are not clear. After Emperor Fushimi retired, he resided in this temple where he built the above mentioned Taho Pagoda. It is said that once this mountain was a training ground for the ‘yamabushi’, mountain ascetic warrior.

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