Xbox Live Enforcement United makes gamers pay to moderate trolling

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Xbox Live Enforcement United may be the worst engine of peer judgment since you wet yourself in gym class. Xbox Live was meant to be a friendly place where people of all ages can gather and have Microsoft show them ads for things, even though they've already paid to use Xbox live in the first place. But some people just want watch the world burn for lolz. Those are the trolls. You can tell them by their names: Poupon Me Chest, Tig Bitties, RudolfHitler, Tairy Hesticles, imgey, Uncle Female, and a wide variety of (verb/adjective)+Jews. They've made games on Xbox Live virtually unplayable due to the sound of everyone in the game laughing into their microphones.
That's why Microsoft is looking to take advantage of one of their most under utilized resources. Pent up judgmental people are nearly equal in number to trolls on Xbox live. Microsoft is hoping these armchair judges will volunteer to join their new, Orwellian, crowd sourced humorless hivemind, called Enforcement United. Apart from actually paying Microsoft to do this mind numbing work for them (only Xbox Live subscribers over the age of 18 are eligible to become United) Enforcement United has the added benefit of making thousands of minimum wage jobs redundant. No doubt the people vacating those jobs will hurry straight onto Xbox Live for some trolly venting, making Enforcement United all the more necessary.

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