Doctor Gachet's House

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Maison du Docteur Gachet
78, rue du Docteur Gachet
95430 Auvers-sur-Oise FRANCE

Admission is free, but only from March through October, and it's closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Doctor Gachet knew painter Vincent van Gogh at the end of his life, was the subject of a couple of his paintings, and he'd been asked to discreetly look after Vincent, who was unhappy. Gachet had a Bohemian upbringing and felt a country place would be better for his family than Paris would. Since a rail line was established as early as 1842 from Paris to Auvers, the journey taking only about an hour, Auvers became more popular, and several artists are known to have stayed here and worked here. Gachet was not very satisfied with being " a country doctor." This is an interesting visit.

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