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    Illegals go home?


    by WORLDwrite



    I think it’s important to retain humor, even when dealing with important issues like immigration because it has a way of simply articulating some of the stupid assumptions that drive some immigration policies.
    By dm_520b86c0297ac3 years ago
    This government campaign is ludicrous and obnoxious. We need to get this video out so illegal immigrants know that the general public are sympathetic to them and do not share the views of a paranoid government.
    By IseultL3 years ago
    Harmony Nouvelle
    Everyone should have the right to come and settle into a foreign country if they wish. But what if they’ve been in that country for many about 15 years and haven’t been bothered to learn the language, find a job and better their lives. Should they still have the right to stay in that country. In terms of the video, I don’t think the humour was powerful enough.
    By Harmony Nouvelle3 years ago
    Using humour to tackle the absurd prejudice and cultural stigma afflicting minorities and the topic of immigration is inspired – definitely sending this to the above MP’s!
    By dm_5202458a8c80e3 years ago
    andrew hirst
    Love the little 'hello' from the guy in the car boot. Time to make all 'illegals' legal.
    By andrew hirst3 years ago
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