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    What is humanism part 1


    by WORLDwrite



    It’s interesting to learn that early humanist thinking emerged in the Ancient Greek period as these were times when humans had much less control over their situations than we do now, for example they could do less to counteract the effects of adverse weather on crops and many people did not have the franchise. I’m very interested in ancient history, especially from a sociological point if view so I found this account fascinating!
    By IseultL3 years ago
    Harmony Nouvelle
    This is obviously a well thought out and structured explanation of a subject which I think many would find hard to understand. Personally, I do not believe in humanism, I believe that God is real and that he has a plan for everybody. However, everyone has the power to make their own choices and choose to deviate from this plan. WE ARE NOT ROBOTS
    By Harmony Nouvelle3 years ago
    andrew hirst
    It seems that today we usually get lectured on how X or Y determines our fate. This rejoinder reminds us that we can make our own history and to do so we need to recapture our sense of agency.
    By andrew hirst3 years ago
    Ceri Dingle
    Excellent and very clear. Very helpful knowledge for these fatalistic times.
    By Ceri Dingle3 years ago