Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad

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"B.O.B." (an acronym for Bombs Over Baghdad) is a 2000 single by OutKast for the LaFace/Arista Records label. The first single from their album Stankonia, "B.O.B." is high-tempo and jungle-influenced, with a BPM rate of 155.

The song is also noted for its use of a choir (the Morris Brown College Gospel Choir) in the chorus.

The frantic nature and the genre-bending "shock" of the song lead many radio outlets in the United States to limit its airplay.[1] Unlike the follow-up single "Ms. Jackson," which peaked at #1, "B.O.B." only reached #69 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. [2]

The inspiration for the song came when André 3000 was in a London hotel room and overheard a news report about "bombs over Baghdad."


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By amayjeite 4 years ago
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By Rich Mundo 6 years ago
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By blackbirdan 6 years ago
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