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    Racist "Asian Girlz" video released by racist band Day Above Ground

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    Racist boy band Day Above Ground from L.A. released one of the worst and most racist songs ever called "Asian Girlz" this week.

    Naturally the song got instant criticism from anyone with a brain, so the racist group thought it was essential to come out and tell everyone they are not racists. Why do racists always do that? Day Above Ground gave a great explanation as to why they aren't racists, because they have a damn Uncle Tom Indonesian guy in their group. Oh...well as long as they have that one Asian friend, they must be good guys.

    Day Above Ground actually thinks they are pushing the boundaries. If they are referring to pushing the boundaries of American racism out even farther, they surely did that with this new train wreck. By listing random incorrect cookie cutter Asian stereotypes these lyrical masterminds truly showed how moronic and out of touch they are.

    These douchebags got so many negative comments after posting the video to Youtube they had to pull it down and then repost it with a pathetic explanation of how the song, "was not written with any malicious, hateful or hurtful intent." How stupid are these guys?

    But what upset many Asians is the braindead Vietnamese model Levy Tran that probably got paid some chump change to make herself, and all other Asians, look like damn idiots.

    Maybe we're wrong and there is a Japanese, sticky rice, Toyota, shark soup, and Bruce Lee Asian girl out there, but what we want to know, what's up with model Levy Tran and that Indonesian chump in the band? Have some damn self-respect you tools.

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