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    Silvio Berlusconi sentenced to 4 years! Bunga Bunga days are over Il Cavaliere

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    Silvio Berlusconi has been either a hero or an embarrassment to Italians, depending on political allegiance. He has been accused of, and even convicted of crimes ranging from sex with a minor, to abuse of office, but always managed to drag the proceedings out until it was impossible to make him serve a sentence. But yesterday, Silvio's deeds finally caught up to him as a panel of five judges confirmed his sentence of four years for tax evasion.

    Since then, Silvio has gone on his own TV channel to voice his anger over his conviction, which he says is baseless. Saying:

    "In exchange for the work I've done for nearly 20 years for my country: I get as my reward accusations and a sentence based on nothing that even takes away my personal freedom and my political rights"

    An assertion which is downright insulting to people who have actually had their freedom impinged when you consider that Silvio was able to change the law while he was prime minister in order to keep himself out of jail, even in the event that he was convicted and sentenced. Thanks to a law preventing people over the age of 70 from serving prison sentences in prison, Berlusconi will instead suffer a combination of house arrest and community service activities, such as feeding poor people. His passport has also been taken away, meaning that whether or not the people of Italy want to keep Il Cavaliere, he will remain inside her borders until his fake tan one day fades into oblivion.

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