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    Song: Canyons / Album: Sunlight / Artist: Michael Benghiat


    by MassageNerd

    Like HARMONY, SUNLIGHT also offers beautiful, tranquil melodies and a rich assortment of layered, acoustic instrumentation. The subtle rhythms and beautiful melodic textures created by Michael on piano, keyboards and percussion accompanied by Stephanie Bennett on harp and Brice Martin on flutes, offer an emotional richness and spiritual depth that is difficult to achieve and even harder to find on most relaxation genre CDs.
    As you listen to the tracks, we hope you too will sense Michael's inspiration - the natural beauty and panoramic splendor of the Big Sur coast of California, as well as his love of gardens and nature as the ideal setting for meditation and contemplation. With this album, SUNLIGHT, Michael has once again created enchanting relaxation music that will engage your mind, body and spirit.

    Artist bio:
    Michael Benghiat is a California native. Accomplished on both piano and guitar, Michael grew up in a home surrounded by music. Early exposure to enduring folk traditions such as Greek, Sephardic, Spanish and Middle Eastern music, as well as to classical orchestral music, helped forge Michael's unique musical sensibility. His curiosity and interest in non-western musical instruments and traditions finds expression today in his study and collection of exotic acoustic instruments from around the world. His ongoing explorations of musical culture are a natural extension of his BA degree and graduate level work in classical music composition at UCLA. The author of several books on guitar, Michael's work as a musician and composer reflects his desire to "reach more people than I can teach one-on-one."

    The beauty of the Big Sur coastline of California inspired Michael's first At Peace CD recording, Harmony, the original soundtrack to the award-winning Esalen Massage Video. Since that time, listeners worldwide have discovered Michael's At Peace collection of music compositions.