High Steppers - Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now

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The musical direction of this Crown house band was is in the hands of Adrian Schubert from 1930 and onwards. Schubert engaged such well known musicians as Mannie Klein, Miff Mole, Tony Partenti and Larry Binyon. The arrangement in this version is brilliant; vocal by Dick Robertson. The record was cut in 1932. By lack of visual material referring to this band I included portraits and sheet music related to the vocalist.

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Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
Most welcome, Michael; I love this wonderful version myself. I'm delighted I could present this rendition to you.
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
What a fine version of one of my favourite songs - written of course by the great Thomas 'Fats' Waller and his lyricist Andy Razaf in 1932. Thank you Patrick.
Par fatsfan71 l'année dernière
Thank you Ginny! I'm so glad you enjoyed this brilliant orchestra and the sheet music! I was lucky tp find quite a few new ones regarding Dick Robertson.
Par kspm0220s l'année dernière
And the sheet music covers were perfect!
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) l'année dernière
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