Growtopia - Gem Hack - how to get 99 999 Gems for free? [iOS/Android] For Australia

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The more I play Growtopia, the more I dislike human beings on the internet. Or rather, the more I loathe the fact that many people seem incapable of civil interactions in a world that comes bundled with a sense of detached anonymity.

I have discovered the serious flaw in Growtopia's chaotic and largely uncooperative multiplayer - and it's rooted at a base gameplay level. It's a problem of punching.

The only way your avatar directly interacts with its environment is by hitting it. Because your only effect on the world is a violent one, it encourages the community at large to, in turn, be violent.

Log into a game world and you'll experience fist-fights aplenty, people bickering in the text chat, and players setting up traps for others.

My two particular favourite instances of man's inhumanity to man were 1) having lava blocks built around me and being punched into one so I pinged about inside until I died, and 2) getting trapped in a corner of a map and punched repeatedly until I lagged out.