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    WTF- Selling Of Breast Milk Can Be Injurious To Health

    Lehren TV

    by Lehren TV

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    However, it does recommend buying milk from approved milk banks. It may cost more, but the dangers are reduced. We agree, breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby, but now a growing number of moms and chefs are cooking with breast milk for other, older members of the family. Sure, you hate to see excess breast milk go to waste, and yes, using your oversupply of breast milk in place of cow's milk or soy milk might be a waste-free and green practice, but would you do it? And if you did, would anyone else want to sink their teeth into a meal made with your milk? In some countries, chefs are even pushing breast milk menu items as foodie fare. Restaurants in Switzerland and China have reportedly served controversial dishes featuring mom's special secret ingredient to create sauces and soups

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