Egypt : nationwide demonstrations to protest against the new regime

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Egypt : nationwide demonstrations to protest against the new regime

The Egyptian security forces are getting ready by the day to intervene and dismantle the protesters encampments in Caïro. Two warnings have been issued by the Interior Ministry, urging the protesters to leave the settlements. The Authorities seem unpatient to solve this new political uprising near the University of Caïro. As Kathryn Stapley says; the question remains on the strategy the police will use to achieve its goal. The Minister of the Interior has guaranteed that things will go "gradually", with warnings issued, and the use of teargas and watercanon. However, as the police fears the protesters to be armed, the authorities consider the possibility of usage of strength, using "all the necessary means to defend themselves." The reporter highlights the risk of such an intervention ending in a bloodshed, with guns blazing throughout these civilian encampments, with women and children standing amidst. Meanwhile, the opposition does not appear to be willing to back down, urging the Egyptian citizens to hit the streets this Friday in nationwide demonstrations.

Duplex with Kathryn Stapley, our correspondant in Caïro, Egypt.

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