Aahwanam Serial - 1st August 2013 - Episode - 277


by teluguserials

Aahwanam Serial - 1st August 2013 - Episode - 277
Aahwanam is a family drama that revolves around two families. Padmavathi is an orphan girl who is raised by Sivaram. She grows up to be the house maid in Sivaram's house. Every one is fond of Padmavathi except for Nandini, Sivaram's daughter, who is jealous of Padmavathi. In the other family, Kalyan, the grandson of Dasaratha is a dim wit. He is good looking but uneducated. Padmavathi and Kalyan get married and Nandini and Kalyan's cousin, Vikram get married. The story takes a lot of twists as Nandini who feels superior to Padmavathi, tries to assert her dominance in the family. Watch to find out how Padmavathi holds her own against Nandini's shemes.