Friendship is Witchcraft | Episode 9 | Seed No Evil

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- It's on YouTube (but with zoomed-in video image):
Official site:
Its creator's new channel:
Its creator's old channel:

"My Little Pony" is owned by Hasbro and the Hub,
"MLP: Friendship is Magic" is created by Lauren Faust.

4 комментария

Excuse me, do you have the script of this episode in english?
I really want to traslate it to spanish.
Пользователем CristopherOS в Апрель
i love the snowblind part
Пользователем notaclosetbrony в прошлом году
CptObvious1994, look into the infromation about the video. :) There are links to derpy tv site and vimeo site of Sherclop Pones. I got it from the vimeo site, but it got private at the moment. It's still available on derpy tv though. :)
Пользователем AstrumSpark в прошлом году
where did you get this? it's not even on Sherclop's website.
Пользователем CptObvious1994 в прошлом году