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Miley Cyrus talks about friendship with Britney Spears boldly stating Britney is the only person who "gets" her. Hey what's up thanks for checking in with ClevverMusic for some music news today. Fellow Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are developing quite the friendship these days, mostly chatting on Twitter. 20-year-old Miley has been non-stop on her "We Can't Stop" song promo tour around the world and recently stopped in the UK. Miley's making headlines today for telling Huffington Post UK all about her somewhat unlikely relationship with 31-year-old Britney Spears. Miley tries to explain, "Everyone goes through a time in their life where they don't want their picture taken every day. She just never had that time where she could say 'I'm going through something right now and need to shut down," and Miley continued, "I also don't have that, so it's good to have that one person in my life who gets it." The one person in her life? What about her uber famous actor fiancé Liam Hemsworth? He doesn't get it? Being Miley is apparently harder than we thought. Miley started acting at age 9, while Britney started on the Mickey Mouse Club at age 11. The two do share the similarity of growing up in the spotlight, but let's face it their lives are pretty different right now. Miley is going through a transformation physically and musically while Britney is raising her two adorable boys. But nevertheless they managed to find kindred spirits in each other. Britney recently tweeted at Miley on June 20, "Loving your new video for #WeCantStop @MileyCyrus! Maybe you can teach me how to twerk sometime LOL ;) xo" to which Miley replied happily, "@britneyspears we could twerk it out in exchange for u teaching me da moves 2 "slave for you" (I've been practicing for the past 10 years)." And Britney followed up with, "@mileycyrus That's a deal im going to hold you 2". Of course we'd love to see that happen or for the gals to collaborate on a song together, but we're not gonna hold our breath at this point. Maybe Britney can just give Miley some marriage advice. Ok, enough of our thoughts you tell us what you think of these two being friend: is Britney a good role model for Miley? Thanks so much for watching ClevverMusic. I'm Misty Kingma and I think if you liked this video you should watch another one!