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    Arma 2: DayZ Overwatch Mod │ Season 1 │ Part 2 │ "Clusterfuck!"


    by EireBornFenix

    This is DayZ Overwatch and its one of the latest mods for the Arma 2 DayZ mod! In DayZ Over watch you will survive on the re-imagined landscape of Chernarus! New buildings, weapons, vehicles, skins and more have been added to enhance your experience! The map is frequently updated with many more features and updates to be added yet. I take a look at the mod and these videos will be my "first look" at the mod without being my first impressions! DayZ Overwatch has a little controversy behind it because the makers of another mod called Breaking Point feel they have ripped off their work. You guys can read up on that if you like but I prefer to just play the games. Overwatch is basically regular Chernarus with loads more weapons, vehicles, skins, camos, guns, buildings, items, areas of interest and so on and so forth. It is basically DayZ on steroids! But watch out! you never know who's watching over you... ;)
    Hope you guys enjoy these videos!

    ☣ DayZ Overwatch Playlist:

    DayZ Overwatch Website:

    ☢ Key Features: • More Weapons and Guns, • New buildings and building locations, • More Vehicles / Aircraft, • Working Breaking Point, • PVP,
    • New Skins and Camos, • Acquire Clothes from dead survivors , • New Items, • Bandits,
    • Animated helicopter crash sites, • Zombies.
    • more custom features to come

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