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    Ridiculously early one Sunday morning, in the dark, cold desert outside of Dubai, 40-plus people huddled in small groups to keep warm and nervously chatted amongst themselves. As they did, a huge steely dragon's head breathed fiery life into the massive hot-air balloon that had somehow gotten up earlier than everyone else. The light from the flame revealed the groups' true purpose as people were using whatever light they could to check each others' equipment (and GoPro settings). All at once the huge rectangular basket heaved and sat up as if waking from last night's drunken slumber, and the voice rang out--now call.
    Suddenly the groups organized like a military guard, and filled the basket to the brim.
    They had their places.
    The burner provided the lights.
    The skydivers pretty much all had the cameras.
    Now sit back and watch the action!
    *Note: Only 2 records were broken OFFICIALLY, although 1 more record was set, but not counted due to technical reasons. All of these records are mentioned in the video.
    Check out for details
    More Info about Skydive Dubai at:
    For more information about Guinness records, go to


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