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    Promising College Graduate Gets 16-Year Sentence for Crime Spree

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    In Bethesda, Maryland, 27 year old, Ramon Gunn has been ordered to serve 16 years of his 111 year sentence after a series of armed robberies that happened over a one month period between January and February of 2012.

    In North Bethesda, Maryland, 27 year old Ramon Gunn has been ordered to serve 16 years of his 111 year sentence for a series of armed robberies.

    Gunn pled guilty to all charges of armed robbery with a replica handgun.

    He was found guilty for seven counts of armed robbery, and one fourth degree sex offense charge for threatening a salon employee at gun point and then touching her inappropriately.

    Gunn’s actions were puzzling considering he is a recent college graduate who had a promising career, and a girlfriend who had plans to become a United States Navy doctor.
    His life seemed all put together until he was caught red handed robbing an adult sex toy shop, and subsequently admitted to robbing the other stores.

    Ramon Korionoff, a spokesman for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, said: “The brazen nature of these crimes shows disrespect for society’s norms. A series of armed robberies in such a short period of time caused fear in our community generally, especially among business owners and operators.”

    Gunn apologized for the crime spree and to the victims and family members.