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    MEP Ashley Mote Fighting The EU in a Bus


    by rcoones

    Ashley Mote is an elected Member of European Parliament. Representing the South Eastern side of England he carries the wishes of the voters to be free from the European Union. He wishes his country to govern itself again. He has made good use of taxpayers money to have his own EU paid for Campaign Bus which tours his Region informing everyone of EU waste and corruption. His website is full of video speeches where eloquently does his job in EU Parliament pointing out EU Corruption.

    The EU is a tool of the New World Order. The UK is fighting back! Discover the real and corrupt face of the European Union. Ashleys Website:

    A message from Ashley

    "I have no quarrel with the people of Europe. My quarrel is solely with their bureaucratic system of unitary government called the European Union. It has nothing in common with that greatest of Anglo-Saxon inventions - an accountable system of parliamentary democracy.

    The EU's interference in British affairs over the last 30 years or so has wrought great damage on so many aspects of our life and enterprise. It has virtually destroyed the British fishing industry. It has undermined our ability to feed ourselves. It sucks over £1.4 million every hour out of British taxpayers pockets. It has burdened British businesses with more than 30,000 regulations - every one of which we managed perfectly well without before we joined what was supposed to be a Common Market.

    And whenever I have asked ministers or other EU enthusiasts to tell me what the benefits of EU membership are they fall into a dumb and embarrassed silence.