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    Xth Sense - Biosensor Performance

    Kieran Warner Hunt performs this interesting piece at our recent Tilt Conference held on campus at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM)
    'The future of synthesisers is not sound, but the means of controlling the sound" Bob Moog
    "Creativity doesn't need technology, its the other way round, technology needs creativity" Amon Tobin

    My Composition is an exploration of expressive performances in electronic music using the open source Xth sense project developed by new media artist Marco Donnarumma, that turns the human body into a musical instrument.
    The Xth sense is a hand made biosensor that pickups inaudible low frequency sounds made by muscle contractions mechanomyogram or MMG) of the performer and amplifies them. These sounds are then sampled and processed in real time using the computer software Pure Data and turned into control data and musical material.
    Think of the Xth Sense like a guitar pickup for the body and the computer as effects pedals for the sound.
    With this I hope to demonstrate some of the new possibilities of utilising human expression in electronic music.

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