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    'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Stunt Coordinators Talk Sequel Action


    by ClevverMovies

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    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stunt coordinators are revealing who kicks the most booty on set, and who leaves the stunts to the pros. Den of Geek had a chat with two of Hollywood's top stunt men, Andy & James Armstrong. This father and son duo have been working with Marc Webb since the first The Amazing Spider-Man film, and they are opening up about all of the physical action we can expect from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Andrew Garfield is apparently doing about the same amount of stunt work as he did before, but the real focus has been on grounding his action scenes in reality so that CGI doesn't have to be used quite as much. The actor does have stuntmen, who also were used in the first film, but according to the Armstrong brothers, Garfield so closely resembles those guys in his physique and his performance, that even THEY can't tell who is who once they see the final product on the big screen. And from the way it sounds, Andrew's toughest action work this time around has involved a lot of swinging, riding on the side of a truck (which we assume was happening when these set pics were taken of a Spidey and Rhino encounter), and riding on the roof of a police car. Stunt work that was mostly done by Andrew. Also, they recently put him on the edge of a building, 46 floors high, with only a little safety line holding him up. So, it seems like Andrew Garfield is up for almost any challenge. Now some other action stand outs in this movie will include Emma Stone's character, Gwen Stacy, who will apparently being doing a lot more action in this sequel. And according to the Armstrongs, Jamie Foxx has really performed great in his action scenes as Electro. James said quote " Jamie's extremely athletic too. He's got a great ability, and he always underplays it. He thinks he's below average, and he's not - he's above average" As for Paul Giamatti's performance, it seems like most of his scenes will be based more on his performance versus action, with Andy saying quote " We really built his stuff around more light-hearted comedy, so we've done one scene with him and Andrew on a truck, and it's a very vintage thing where we use the two stunt doubles for Andrew, as well as Andrew in the same scene. It's like a slight-of-hand thing where there's lots of Spider-Men appearing one at a time from different angles. What it plays to is Paul's fantastic comedy timing and his great ability to work with different things like that. Now, we did find an interesting tid bit in this story. Just recently Marc Webb has been dropping hints about the plot of The Amazing Spiderman 4 , and it kinda sounded like they might be thinking of introducing The Sinister Six down the road. We have hypothesized which baddies that we might see join that team, with The Rhino on our list. Well when talking about The Rhino's action scenes Andy Armstrong said quote "Paul is really a different one. His is mostly performance stuff in this film, but he'll eventually become a really interesting character." Humm...that sounds like The Amazing Spiderman 2 won't be the last time we hear The Rhino's name come up. So, does hearing the inside scoop on the stunt work change your expectations about this sequel? Leave us your thoughts in the comments, and make sure you are also following us on Facebook and Twitter. From Hollywood, Im Erin White, and Ill see you next time.